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Welcome to the [Mysterious Benedict] Society

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Society Café is the quintessential millennial hangout. Boasting a beautiful but minimal aesthetic, an eco-friendly conscience, and a chill vibe; this café caught my attention while I was walking by on the street.

Located in the quieter streets of oxford and down the street from the infamous Handle Bar this café is a quiet local hangout where students and young professionals come to get work done.

I was greeted by a full (but not overwhelming) café where everyone was quietly working. The sun was shining through the windows, and I was ecstatic, I love cafes with natural light! It reminds me of the California sun back home. Another California touch at this café that I really appreciated were the live plants hanging everywhere. Although the design is minimal, its comes off as alive- a place that you can come and fill with your own energy to make your own.

The wi-fi was posted right at the front when you walked in, along with a variety of pastries. Heads up though- they don’t accept cash! It’s a card-only café, which worked perfectly for me. Unfortunately, although the wi-fi was easily accessible it did not work. To top this off, I only discovered this after I had sat down and ordered my drink! If the wi-fi worked this would become my new go-to place in Oxford to study.

I would definitely check this place out before 12 or after 2 to get the best experience, wi-fi, and seats. If you ever visit Oxford and want to get some work done this is your place. It is located down the street from a gorgeous Methodist Church, is lively without being overwhelming, and is located across from the historic Oxford honor society.


-Emily <3

Address: 12-16 St Michael's St, Oxford OX1 2DU


Our Thoughts


(7/10) This café has a nice ambience as a place to get work done. There are people working hard on their laptops on the high-rise coffee bar, the large communal table, and just spending time with loved ones.


(7/10) The entire café is very aesthetic from outside curb appeal to the details in the basement. Downstairs, they have large comfy chairs that pair well with the wood and muted aesthetic of the café. Little touches such as the lights that come out from the wall and the honeycomb guardrail create a perfect mix of old and new that you can’t help but love.


Iced-mocha latte

(8/10) I got an iced oat-milk latte (shout-out to all my lactose-free homies out there!). It was nothing special but definitely the pick-me-up I needed to start my afternoon. My favorite thing about my drink was the fact that it came with a paper straw. Another amazing thing they do is make their own teas to-go which they put in glass bottles for customers to bring back when they are done. This cafes commitment to the environment, supports their overall ethos as an environmentally friendly business.


(7/10) Typical pastries offered but nothing special.


(9/10) The staff was very friendly, when I walked in, ordered, and asked about the WIFI. When the WIFI wasn’t connecting they were very apologetic and gave me suggestions for other cafes to check out.


(6/10) A majority of the chair have no back to them, going with a minimalist bench and stool vibe to match the aesthetic. While I would normally mark down for this, as I am a huge fan of comfy seating, they also have large cushioned chairs in the basement. Which I was able to snag for myself. These chairs are so comfortable and perfect for sitting for hours to get some work done.

Basement Chairs


(7/10) The crowd is a primarily younger people with a majority of them working on their laptops (pretty much me right now). I definitely feel comfortable at this café.


(7/10) A little more expensive than other Oxford cafes, but what really sets this café apart is their dedication to being eco-friendly. They make a huge effort which is definitely admirable.


(0/10) Definitely an internet café, unfortunately it gets so popular that the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. I am currently writing this offline to post later when I can get on the internet.


(8/10) Perfect mellow coffeehouse music. I am convinced if you looked up coffeehouse in Spotify, YouTube or Apple music you would find this playlist. Its perfect background music to get you in the zone and stay calm as you work away.


(10/10) This café was designed for the working millennial. There are outlets next to every table and seat, ensuring that you can stay and work for hours.

Overall Score: 6/10

As much as I want to love this café, the lack of working WIFI and higher prices make me score it at about average. Despite the amazing aesthetic, ambiance, music, outlets, and homemade juices; ultimately a café needs to have working Wi-Fi to meet the needs of their customers. The employees explained that the bandwidth is simply not big enough to handle the amount of people who come, which I understand but also want to express that if a café advertises Wi-Fi they need to deliver.

- Emily <3

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